That feeling when you’d happily live your life and work for free, but know that doing so sadly won’t pay the bills. If you’ve considered it and then received a slap around your chops to bring you back to reality, then you know you’ve chosen the right path in life and love what you do - That’s how we roll.

I’m Chris Watterston, an independent designer working, living and probably lacking sleep in Surrey, UK. With my years of experience, I specialise in Brand Identity DesignWeb Design and Front-End Development.

Besides running my day-to-day design business, I’m also fortunate enough to invest and co-found an amazing family. My loving partner and our 2 beautiful daughters.

Being an internet based design business, we’re not limited to working only with the residents of not so sunny Surrey. But also the surrounding areas, far and beyond, and more commonly across the seas.

As you get to know us further and we spark our working relationship, you’ll start to recognise that I refer to me, myself and my business as ‘We’ - Why? Because I put everything we can and have to offer into every project and solution.

I think that's enough of the ins and outs of us. Tell me about yourself. How are you, where are you from, your interests?

Send us a friendly message to hello@chriswatterston.com. You’ll probably regret it if you don’t.

Chris Watterston and his 2 beautiful daughters